Eat (Breakfast), Drink (Water), and Be Merry! Ten Pieces of Motherly Advice for 2023

Eat (Breakfast), Drink (Water), and Be Merry! Ten Pieces of Motherly Advice for 2023

The first few weeks of January are a time for getting back to work but with a newfound level of introspection. Resolutions have been declared (maybe), intentions have been set (perhaps) and vows have been made to break bad habits (somehow) or discover new hobbies (hopeful). For many of us the best intentions are sidelined bywell, life. You don’t have to exist on this earth for too long to know that God laughs at our plans and hands us different maps to followwhich may often feel like a bridge to nowhere but can and do frequently reveal beautiful landscapes. When the coming year is sprawled out in front of us with its, sometimes anxiety provoking mysteries (just us?), we like to lean back on 10 pieces of steady motherly advice. Motherly in the literal and figurative senseas women, we all mother each other.

1. Eat Breakfast

Ideally within an hour of waking up. Ideally a combo of carbs, protein and fats. An elaborate meal plan is not required. Don’t overthink it. A spoonful of peanut butter and a cappuccino counts. You’ll be happier, everyone around you will be happier too. 

2. Drink Water

Yes, you know, we know, we ALL know to do this but then we just…don’t. For the sake of dry winter skin, that dull 5pm headache, and your toddler’s cold you’ve been fighting for a month, it’s worth the reminder. Drink a glass in the morning, drink a glass with lunch and dinner, try to drink some in between. Coffee and tea counts. Wine counts too! 

3. Get a Physical

The rise of urgent care has been absolutely incredible for quick effective treatments when needed, but nothing beats an established relationship with a caring GP. Pay yours a visit and if you don’t have one, make finding one this year a priority. As we get older our estrogen levels are depleted and this can lead to many issues that can be prevented or treated more easily if caught earlyincluding heart disease, osteoporosis, depression and anxiety, breast and ovarian cancer. 

4. Make Soup

Use a recipe or don’t. Soup is incredibly forgiving, as forgiving as we should be with ourselves. It’s inherently something that we can start and stop and come back to while working, playing with kids or cleaning out the basement. The flavors fill our home for hours. Everyone can take turns stirring. You often don’t need anything special apart from water and basically whatever you have in your refrigerator. It is a grounding sensory experience and there are few things more gratifying than a week's worth of warm homemade lunch. 

5. Get Sleep

We’re all not getting enough of it, and we’re not going to be the ones to tell you to shoot for 8 hours. We’re all for getting it while you can. Take naps. If you’re tired (and able to) go lay down for a little. And while our phones are frequently also our pillows, TikTok is not Ambien. 

6. Go for a Walk

Go by yourself, go with your mom (even on the phone), go with a friend, go with a podcast. Whether it’s a long hike or a quick stroll to the post office, coffee shop or mail box, getting fresh air is incredibly underrated. 

7. Go on a Date

It’s so easy to get caught in the mundane routines of school pick up, errands, work days, paying bills and doing chores. It’s important to have fun too, and while it can also feel just like another thing on that good old To-Do list, romance is the foundation holding up the walls. 

8. Read a Good Book

Get a library card while you’re at it and read books on your Kindle for free! Our lives are filled with short form curated visual content, social media posts, blogs, podcasts, Netflix mini-series. Don’t underestimate the power of a long-form story that recruits your imagination. A good book is transformative. 

9. Get Dressed in the Morning

Fake it till you make it is an old trope, but if you get dressed in something that makes you feel pretty (A DOMANI pajamas totally count) and put on a little make up, the good mood and productivity will almost always follow. 

10. Invest in your Female Friendships

There is nothing like having girlfriends who understand your work or parenting struggles and are always there with a hilarious or just oh so thoughtful text or phone call. We love our influencers but sometimes your best friend’s opinion is the only one that holds any water regarding the brand of tinted moisturizer you should buy next. We are the glue holding it all together for each other and for our communities, even when its just through memes…because sometimes all you can do is shake your head and laugh…together.