Our (Bedtime) Story

A DOMANI was founded on the revolutionary idea that women shouldn't wake up soaking in the middle of the night...ever.

Designed by women for women with great sleep in mind, A DOMANI is a quiet revolution in cool-sleeping style. With cutting-edge fabric technologies, thoughtful do-anything details, and an effortlessly lovely style sensibility, this stunning thermoregulating sleepwear keeps you sleeping dry, looking good, and feeling great—wherever you are on the arc of your hormonal journey.

Great Sleep For Every Phase

Stress. PMS. Menopausal Transition. Pre and Post Natal shifts. Overactive radiator. Cycle swings. Fertility treatments. Chemotherapy. Medication. Anxiety. Polyester sheets in the Airbnb. There are lots of reasons why we sweat at night—and even more (and more complex) reasons why we don't really talk about it. Our hormonal journeys aren't something to overcome, grit through, tough out, or be ashamed of. We're not saying you have to *love* your night sweats, but we are saying you don't have to endure them in quiet mortification. We all deserve great nights sleeps no matter where we may be on the arc of our hormonal journey. Sleep sweet, live well, and be ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

A Note From Our Founder

A DOMANI began as a waking dream during yet another sweaty, sleepless night after the birth of my daughter—a time when good sleep is MOST precious and seemingly hardest to come by.

Waking up every few hours for feeding AND waking up the hours in between drenched in sweat became the new-motherhood refrain: wait, no one told me about this! Am I the only one this is happening to? And (despite being a total expert in midnight Googling) there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it?

The more I talked to the women in my life, the more honest, shame-free conversations I had over coffee, cocktails, or zoom, I realized how universal—and how hidden—the sweaty sleep experience was.

Countless hours of research, development, design, discovery, late night texting with my best friends, near-breakdowns, wrangling, sleeping, and doing the thing later...A DOMANI made its way from dream to reality.

We are all balancing so much, carrying so much, lifting so much, and doing it all with such grace and generosity (if you don't believe me, just ask your friends: you are)...and, without a good night's sleep, it feels like we're doing it on fumes. Gorgeous, cool-sleeping, sweat-free pajamas *might* not save the world, but they'll go a long way toward making sure that the women who will are rested up for the work ahead.

After all: the best days happen after the best night's sleep.

Sleep Well,

A DOMANI..."Until Tomorrow"

A DOMANI is a common and informal way of saying goodbye or goodnight in Italian—it's our way of saying: rest easy, sleep well, and be ready to take on the day...until tomorrow!

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