You're (Maybe) Sweaty, You're (Definitely) Awesome

For Every Body, At Every Phase

There are lots of reasons why we sweat.

And even more—and more complex—reasons why we don't really talk about it.

Our hormonal journeys aren't something to overcome, grit through, tough out, or be ashamed of. We're not saying you have to *love* your sweats, but we are saying you don't have to endure them in quiet mortification.

How It Works

In our quest to create the sleepwear of our dreams we tested over 650 materials before giving the final rose to our revolutionary—and revolutionarily gorgeous—fabric.

Cutting Edge Fabric

Our pioneering natural fabric has a luxe drape, indulgent feel, and airy light movement that has to be worn to be believed.

Peak Moisture Wicking

Moisture is pulled immediately away from the body, before you, your sheets, or your sweat stains know anything about it.

Lightning Fast Dry

Woven to dry before wetness is felt, naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial fibers are ideal for sensitive + sensitized skin.

Stay-Cool Feel

Knit from ethically harvested eucalyptus, birch, and pine to deliver maximum breathability + stay cool to the touch.

A DOMANI Keeps You Cool. Especially When...

Our founder Katya started A DOMANI as a beautiful, actionable solution to her own post-partum night sweats—and let us tell you, friends, it was real. We've heard wonderful things from women experiencing temperature fluctuations for a host of other reasons:

• Stress
• Menopausal Transition
• Pre-and-Post Natal Shifts
• Lactation
• Cycle Swings
• Fertility Therapy
• Early Pregnancy Loss
• Pregnancy Termination
• Chemotherapy
• Radiation Therapy
• Medication
• Anxiety
• Seasonal Shifts
• Thyroid Disregulation
• Diabetic Disregulation
• Hyperhidrosis
• Substance Use Journeys
• Hangovers
• Calling Your Congressperson
• Spicy Tacos
• Overactive Radiators
• Partners Who Think They Deserve To Run The Thermostat

Finding the right Sleep + Loungewear won't cure the sweats...BUT it can

Make The Journey Feel Good feels really great to feel good