Meet Dawn: Our Pink Of (Literal) Perfection

Meet Dawn: Our Pink Of (Literal) Perfection

How we found our dream color, just right for every body.

We love a good pink. From "Pretty In Pink" to Gwyneth's notorious Oscar dress, from Material Girl to the actual Barbie Dreamhouse, pink has always been a power move. And yet...we only have to look back at ourselves (and 9 of our best equally-as-unflattered buds) in an old picture wearing matching pepto pink bridesmaid dresses to know for sure: not all pinks are created equal.

Pink bridesmaids dresses, names have been changed to protect the innocent
not the actual bridesmaids dresses in question/names have been changed to protect the innocent/anyone under the delusion that 'you'll definitely wear it again!'

When done right pink can feel delicate yet powerful, a hint of of rosy cheeks or the tipsy-flushed aura of just-kissed skin. It can feel airy and light, grounded and restorative, elegant and fresh. When done wrong the clothing itself looks great on the hanger but once it's on, you feel completely washed out, sallow, sick, juvenile, or just plain sad. No, thank you.

When we were scheming and dreaming of our newest color, we knew we wanted pink. We also knew that while every pink can look good on some skin tone, it is a very rare pink that will look good on every skin tone.

 So, of course, we did what we do best: put on our sleuthing hats, called our best friends, and applied the same rigorous search-test-and-discover that we put into unlocking the best cool-wearing sleep + loungewear for all (and especially sweaty) occasions into finding the perfect pink.

We consulted with color scientists, fine artists, interior designers, and makeup artists. We trolled museums, pored over art history books, and flipped through glossy magazine archives for the last 60 years. We brought fabric swatches, fave lipsticks, paint testers, and even, once, a vintage silk dressing gown and a paper macaron box that seemed like they *just* might be the same goldilocks hue.

The result is, of course, Dawn. Richer and with a peachier undertone than ballet pink, less saccharine than petal, warmer than rose quartz, less orange than salmon, closer to terracotta but definitely not as red, decidedly not Millennial Pink (and yet definitely way more flattering than Gen Z yellow), Dawn is our favorite new neutral for every body. Discover your most flattering shade yet.