11 at 11: Aimee McGuire—actress, screenwriter, breast cancer survivor/thriver

11 at 11: Aimee McGuire—actress, screenwriter, breast cancer survivor/thriver

What does your 11pm look like? We sit down with powerfully lovely A DOMANI friends, ask them the same 11 questions, and capture the beauty, passion, compassion, and occasional chaos that happens from dawn to dream—and everything in between.

This week we are thrilled to introduce you to the brilliant, gorgeous, hilarious and endlessly inspirational, Aimee McGuire.  Aimee is an LA-based actress and screenwriter with a passion for storytelling, dogs, Harry Potter and nothing else. (jk..) Her recent acting credits include ABC’s The Goldbergs, the upcoming Warner Brothers film Coyote v. Acme and the upcoming A24 film, Opus. As a screenwriter, her feature length scripts have been Quarter and Semi finalists in competitions and she currently has two scripts being shopped to production companies. 

Aimee writes stories that focus on female experiences, and has used her art and humor to get her through the darkest moments in her life. In August of 2022, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She underwent chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, an axillary lymph node dissection, radiation and is currently on endocrine therapy for the next few years. So that gives her full permission to make all the boob jokes she wants! Her words and we agree! 

Can't get enough of Aimee? Neither can we! Fangirl Aimee on Instagram for comedic content and inspiration on how she's so gracefully managed her battle with breast cancer. 


1. What is your morning ritual? 

Usually get up around 7, and let the dogs out. I'll make myself a cup of tea (a must try!) and write in my gratitude journal on the couch. Then I will catch up on phone notifications...and maybe scroll Instagram a little too long. 

2. Breaking a sweat while sleeping=not fun. Fun=Breaking a sweat while ____.

Doing pilates. I love the low impact aspect of it. I have a reformer at home and make up my own routines. 

3. What do you always have on your bedside table?

Lip balm, loving these right now, and my A DOMANI eye mask

4. Where was the best night's sleep you've ever gotten?

Definitely a sleep before cancer. I really took my quality of sleep for granted back then! 

5. What are you reading/watching/listening to?

Reading: Most of my reading comes from reading screenplays. Either friends scripts that they've sent to me, or re-reading/revising my own.

Listening: Always on rotation is Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and John Mayer. They are my tri-fecta. It's just a coincidence that they've dated each other.

Watching: A lot! Movies and TV are my escape. Still reeling from the latest season of "Succession", very much looking forward to "Palm Royale" on Apple TV+, sprinkle in some great Bravo content and I'm a happy gal. 


6. When are you most happy?

It's hard to be crabby when you're in beautiful mother nature. So take me out in a kayak on a lake, or in a cozy cabin the snowy mountains, maybe on a balcony overlooking the ocean. But where ever I go, I'd like to bring my husband and dogs! 

7. What can you not sleep without?

My A DOMANI pajamas (its the shorts and tee for me), a fan and sleepy music—soft pianos or violins. 

8. What does your perfect night look like?

It honestly depends on what kind of mood I'm in. It could range from a takeout and trash TV kind of night, to no electronics and playing board games. But I always feel good after a day of being productive (with whatever I need to get done).  

9. Early Riser or Night Owl?

I think I'm neither? haha

10. Midnight snack y/n. 

Nah, I try not to be awake in the middle of the night long enough to eat.

11. What are you dreaming of at the moment?

Literally? I had a dream that I was at a dance party with Emma Stone a few nights ago. Figuratively? Manifesting my future family. 


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