Will I Ever Sleep Again? 5 Simple Rituals to Add Right Now

Will I Ever Sleep Again? 5 Simple Rituals to Add Right Now

Whether it’s office politics, hormones, infant wakings or teenage curfews, getting settled and staying asleep can seem more like an elusive vacation than reality. We’re into getting the most bang for our buck and the small hacks that can reap big rewards.


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1. Have a consistent-ish routine

Having a bedtime routine is basically the only thing we can think of in life where you can do the same thing over and over again and your results will be (dramatically!) improved. 

It doesn’t have to be anything revolutionary. Go to bed and wake around the same time every day. Maybe commit to reading a little of an analogue book before turning out the lights. Or have some herbal tea, take a shower or hey, indulge in a 20 step skincare routine. Do you, and do it daily.


2. If you build it….sleep will come

Set your bedroom up for success. Make it cold! Make it dark! Bonus points, wear your favorite A DOMANI to cool and soothe your skin. 


The ideal temperature for sleep is somewhere between 60-72 degrees—and 65 seems to be the preferred goldilocks temp. Why? Because our core body temperature is regulated by the body’s circadian rhythm. At nighttime our body temperature drops and stimulates melatonin production. Same thing goes for darkness and melatonin. A cool, dark room nudges your body to get there sooner. 


3. Stretch…for stillness

Stretching before bed can help your blood flow through the stuck places and relieve muscle tension. In turn this helps with muscle recovery and sleep quality. Fit it in where you can before bed - whether it’s on the floor with your toddler, during your Netflix veg time, while brushing your teeth or once you’re already in bed! We love these from Aliya Brooks (@agelessmobility on TikTok) 


4. Eat breakfast

If you feel like you might bludgeon the next person who blabbers on about “the most important meal of the day,” we get it. Honestly, who has time for more than coffee when you have lunches to pack, trains to catch, and traffic to battle? But hear us out, shoving a spoonful of peanut butter in your mouth while scrolling through your morning emails and having a latte on your way to work counts! Something that is a mix of protein, carbs and fat ideally, will help your metabolism wake up and wind down. Think of it as turning on the lights in the building. Check out our fave RD, Jaclyn London’s, Dressing on the Side for all of the practical nutrition tips, minus the BS. 


5. Go outside during the day

Your body’s internal clock is regulated by light exposure. That 20 minute hot girl walk is exactly the small effort, big reward that we love.