11 at 11: Asya Geller, Greenwich Moms

11 at 11: Asya Geller, Greenwich Moms

What does your 11pm look like? We sit down with powerfully lovely A DOMANI friends, ask them the same 11 questions, and capture the beauty, passion, compassion, and occasional chaos that happens from dawn to dream—and everything in between.

There are connectors, and then there’s… Asya Geller. In her role heading up partnerships and more for Greenwich Moms, part of the Local Moms Network, Asya is a superwoman, in all of the places, all at the same time. Born in Moscow, Russia and raised in Greenwich, CT (also A DOMANI’s home base), Asya has her BA from Cornell, her JD from Cardozo Law, and 10 years at Sotheby’s under her belt. She’s the founder of WERKZY, an online marketplace for small businesses searching for professional talent, which joined forces with the Local Moms Network in 2021. 

Asya is mom to two boys: Nathan, 6, and Charlie, 5, and married to Mike Geller, owner of Mike’s Organic Delivery. She is Co-Chair of the Bruce Contemporaries, on the Development Committee of the Bruce Museum, a member of the Junior Council of Connecticut Against Gun Violence and on the Associate Board of Reach Prep as well as on the Board of Trustees of Temple Sholom. See? Told you. She does all of the things. Asya also recently sat down with us to talk about her nearly 24-hour schedule, her re-found love of tennis, and Harry & Meghan — because she’s the feature of our latest 11 at 11PM!

1. What is your morning ritual? 

My two boys, 5 and 6, are very early risers so the whole family is up at 6am! It's usually a mad rush to eat breakfast, get dressed and get the boys to school. I brush my teeth and throw on clothes for the drop off line. We are lucky that our school starts early so after I drop them off at 7:30am I have a blissful hour before I start working where I have my coffee, get dressed for the day, clean up our house, and get organized to start my day!

2. Breaking a sweat while sleeping=not fun. Fun=Breaking a sweat while ____.

Playing Tennis! I have rediscovered my love for tennis and play in a weekly clinic for a Grand Slam USTA team. I love the sport and our team.

3. What do you always have on your bedside table?

Aquaphor for my lips, hand lotion, and a tempurpedic face mask. I also have the charger for my Oura ring which I love and helps me improve my sleep tremendously because I will try to go to sleep earlier to improve my sleep score!

4. Where was the best night's sleep you've ever gotten?

I honestly cannot remember! Like many Moms, I feel like I haven’t slept well since I had my first son in 2016. Occasionally, when I am super exhausted, I fall asleep at 8pm and wake up with the kids at 6am the next morning and feel briefly refreshed, but my oldest son isn’t a great sleeper and regularly wakes me in the middle of the night so I often feel like I am not getting enough sleep.

5. What are you reading/watching/listening to?

Watching White Lotus, Yellowstone, and currently the Harry and Meghan Netflix documentary. 

Listening to How I Built This. I always feel inspired learning about all the incredible female entrepreneurs and also We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle. 

Recently read Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus and really enjoyed it.

6. When are you most happy?

I am most happy when I’m with my family and my husband and kids are happy! We try to have family movie night on Sunday nights and all eat popcorn and watch a movie together and I love those quiet moments together amidst our hectic weeks.

7. What can you not sleep without?

I love sleeping in a dark, cool room and with a cozy down comforter. Also currently loving my silk pillowcase.

8. What does your perfect night look like?

My perfect night includes an early dinner or happy hour out with my husband or friends, followed by a quick/easy bedtime with the kids, and going to bed at a reasonable hour without anyone waking up in the middle of the night!

9. Early Riser or Night Owl?

Definitely a night owl. I love when my kids are finally asleep and I have some down time to catch up on texts, emails and my favorite shows. It is my time to unwind from the day.

10. Midnight snack y/n. 

Not anymore. I used to be a nighttime snacker and I felt like I did not sleep as well. It took me a long time but I finally broke the habit and try hard not to snack after dinner. 

11. What are you dreaming of at the moment?

As I mentioned, honestly I can barely remember my dreams these days! I often get woken up by the kids in the middle of the night and so not really remembering my dreams. Working on re sleep training my 6 year old, open to any tips, so currently dreaming of getting consistent full nights of sleep!!


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