11 at 11: Katya Eckert, Founder + CEO, A DOMANI

11 at 11: Katya Eckert, Founder + CEO, A DOMANI

11pm. Whether you're out and gearing up, in and winding down, or (full disclosure) have been fully asleep for a long while, 11pm is the pivotal moment—after the witching hour, but before bedtime—when we often find the time and space to be fully, authentically ourselves.

What does your 11pm look like? We sit down with powerfully lovely A DOMANI friends, ask them the same 11 questions, and capture the beauty, passion, compassion, and occasional chaos that happens from dawn to dream—and everything in between.

This week's 11 at 11, our Founder + CEO, Katya Eckert:

1. What is your morning ritual? 

Getting my 3yr old daughter up and ready for school, packing lunch, making breakfast and getting her out the door. And coffee…nothing happens without coffee. 

2. Breaking a sweat while sleeping=not fun. Fun=Breaking a sweat while ____.

Yoga, skiing or moving/dancing with @Forward_Space 💃

3. What do you always have on your bedside table?

 Aquaphor to smother my lips, hands and feet before bedtime, tissues, A DOMANI sleep mask, my kindle and my phone ❤️

4. Where was the best night's sleep you've ever gotten?

Anywhere near an ocean…but my favorite place to wake up is Paris 

5. What are you reading/watching/listening to?

6. When are you most happy?

In the creative zone or traveling ✈️

7. What can you not sleep without?

Must have total darkness and a pillow between my knees 😴

8. What does your perfect night look like?

Dinner out with my husband and friends with great food, cocktails and wine. Throw on an A DOMANI sleep set when I get home and can this be in an amazing hotel room with heavy duty blackout shades and super AC please? 

9. Early Riser or Night Owl?

Early but with a toddler it’s earlier than I would like…

10. Midnight snack y/n. 

I’m not cool enough to be awake for midnight snack TBH.

11. What are you dreaming of at the moment?

Women having freedom and agency over their own bodies.